New Poem: Start of Autumn

Hey everyone.  I wrote a new poem for a challenge on this Christian poets website I belong to:  It’s pretty fun.  Just a little community of Christian poets.  I’m trying to shake things up on there by instigating topics for poetic challenges.  This month, the theme is “Autumn/Fall”, and the participants could use any style/format, the only rule is that it has to be a new work.  Here’s my offer, it’s an acrostic:

Start of Autumn
September 22nd, 2008


Sometimes change comes suddenly and sometimes it

Takes its time to come through.

As leaves turn from their green hew to

Reds, yellows, and browns,

Trees resound the coming change of the year.


Oft filled with as many sweet aromas as Spring,

Fall has a subtle beauty to it.


And we praise the Maker and Artist, Who

Understands our need of change, even

Though we may not wish it at times.

Unworthy are we of the gift He gives us,

Mystery, nature, and a season of respite.

Now we welcome Him with open arms.


 – Sarah Cricket ><> –


5 thoughts on “New Poem: Start of Autumn

  1. UM…. you CLEARLY got the inspiration for that from my brilliant 9 year old mind:  Little  A pizza lover  Nice  Neat  Act’s cool It’s ok though, I mean who wouldn’t be deeply moved and inspired?Toby misses you and so do I.

  2. beautful sarah! Keep it up I especially like this line:And we praise the Maker and Artist, WhoUnderstands our need of change, evenThough we may not wish it at times. God’s knowledge is far beyond ours and he knows whats best even when we know it but don’t want it. You expressed it wonderfully here. love—der

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