Prayer Request

Hey, I wanted to ask for prayers for two ladies.  One is a student of mine, named Chiyoko.  She missed class this morning because she had to go to the hospital with her mother who was having some heart problems.  I don’t know what happened, so be in prayer for the whole thing, and I should be able to update everyone soon enough.

Also, a sister at our church, Reiko-san, was bitten by one of her dogs.  It bit hard enough that while it missed any major arteries and veins, the muscle was hanging off the leg.  They can’t fully close the wound either, because of the bacteria from the dog’s mouth, so they have it loosely stitched until the antibiotics take effect and then they’ll close.  Just writing this makes me queazy and unable to stand.  I’m such a wimp.  Also, they’re not putting the dog to sleep…one they don’t think it will bite again (which is highly doubtful) but also, it was given to Reiko-san’s family by another woman in our church who suffers from depression.  She just recently had a breakthrough and rather than risk her relapsing, no one’s mentioning that it was that dog that bit her or putting it to sleep.  Strange situation, just pray for the whole thing.

Also, I’m double-blogging.  Oh, be quiet…it’s not like just about everyone has had two blogs.  It’s on Revelife.

This current blog is mostly for my own daily accounts and a few “very few” spiritual epiphanes.  The other one at Revelife is almost exclusively my spiritual epiphanes.  I will often recommend the entries to all of you who read on here, but feel free to subscribe to that one as well if you want.  I hope it doesn’t get too duplicitous. 

Later! – Sarah ><>

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