Poem: Window of a Morning

August 18th, 2008

When in the morning
The sun’s first rays of daffodil tears
Break through the glass
And sweep across my face,
My mind is flooded with thoughts –
Worries and plans, joys and sadness
All come in with the morning light.
As a cloud passes under the sun,
Its shadow is God’s gentle reminder
To stop and remember Him.
My eyes close again
But not to return to slumber.
Instead, it throws me at His feet,
The feet of the One Who holds all.
He shows me the coming day
Through His crystal clear pane.
The sight is foggy, muddled and
I’m unsure of His purpose.
As I peer longer, an image takes form
And I’m aware of the reflection in the glass,
With my Father’s strong arms around me.
I sigh and gaze at the peaceful scene,
But then it changes.
Slowly my reflection disappears
And He is all that remains.
Tears fall from my eyes as the knowledge
Of Who He is and who I’m not
Fills my mind.
My day is now in order
And I open my eyes to
Rejoice in His beautiful sunlight.

 – Cricket ><>

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