FYI.  I was not involved in the earthquake which struck northern Japan.  All’s well in my neck of the woods.  We’ve had a few tremors since I’ve been here, but I have yet to feel a one of them.  Northern Japan seems to be the more volatile of locations…therefore, I am glad to be living in the south.

Things I have learned in the last several days:

The Japanese enjoy quick-witted phrases as much as the general American…ie. after sharing the “awkward turtle” with my new friends, they informed us that socially awkward people are called “KY”.  It comes from two words meaning, “can’t read the air”.  When they are wanting to express someone as “jumping the gun” they say that he (usually it is the men who are impatient…hahahaha….juuuuust joking!) is “flying”.  Also, we told them about XYZ, which they throroughly enjoyed, especially after learning it is from “eXamine Your Zipper.”  They shared with us their expression for such an event which literally translated means, “your window of society is open.”

The Japanese think that cheese with rice is gross…no matter that eggs and veggies and other such goodness are included in the concoction…so long as cheese and rice are in the mix…it’s a no-go.

My friendly neighborhood restaurant might just decide what the lunch special is based on the days that I usually eat there.  It’s a big might…but the evidence is weighing heavily in my favor.

Japanese music arcade games are sooooo muuuuuuch fun!  Kind of like DDR, but with big Japanese drums and flashing colored buttons and guitars…yeah, pretty cool. It’s even more fun when you don’t know the songs at all….hah!

I don’t like to cross-stitch when a pattern requires you to use three strands per stitch (for the whole piece) instead of a general one strand or two strands.  It makes for a long stitching time…good thing I’m free for most of the summer.

That’s all.  Have a great day!

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