I can see so many people soooooo close to the Gospel.  I know that if they just reached their hands out, they would know what we are talking about and know the joy of Jesus in their lives.  I really want to ask for specific prayer from you for a couple of people.  Of course, pray for all my students, but these in particular right now:

Tuesday 4:30pm – Super Kids 1

   Brian just gave the Gospel presentation, and asked the children to pray the salvation prayer with him.  He has been going over the Gospel for the past several weeks and we’ve felt many of the hearts become soft for the Gospel.  I have four children in class: Rinka, Mizaho, Ayumi, and Masaru.  Masaru is the only boy, and he’s the newest to the class, also the quietest kid, but one of the sweetest.  This is probably my best class for the children, they are just amazing.  As they began praying, Rinka was the loudest of them all, repeating right along with Brian.  I could hear Ayumi mumbling along, and Mizaho moved her mouth the whole time (what can I say, I’m nosey), but didn’t really speak the words.  Masaru wasn’t really paying attention, so pray for him that God would build an awareness of spiritual things in his life. 

   The one I really want to ask for prayer for is Rinka.  She has a minor case of Down Syndrome.  Her grandmother attends class with her to help keep her in line.  Rinka has always been the most vocal and enthusiastic about the Gospel.  Brian has done some back work, talking with her grandmother, and recently with her mother too.  He showed her the book they have been going through and asked her to read and consider encouraging Rinka in wanting to believe, because Rinka is already there.  She already believes, no question…but she does not have any encouragement at home.  Her mother said she’d read through, but that Rinka probably didn’t understand anything (she’s 6, or 7).  After this week’s prayer, Brian spoke with her mother again and she said that she didn’t want to encourage Rinka in Christianity.  She said that with her sickness, it would be “too heavy” for her to deal with.  In Japan, they have a mentality that if there is something mentally wrong with a person, you should take away any other requirement from them other than just living…and religion would be putting a requirement on them, a strain.  It’s a hard wall to break through. 

  Mom had sent a bunch of children’s toys from Berean Christian Bookstore, so I’ve been letting the kids pick out one toy.  Rinka chose a bracelet (I think it’s glow-in-the-dark) that has a cross hanging off of it.  After Brian was shot down by Rinka’s mother, Rinka ran out of the Center holding her arm high shouting in Japanese, “Look!  I have the cross that takes away my sins!”  I have a feeling that not even her mother will be able to stop this.  Please pray that her family would soften to the Gospel and come to accept it themselves.  If they can see the goodness that Christ will do in Rinka’s life, they will have to know that it is not a burden, but a freedom.  Pray for that family. 

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  1. @grace_likerain – hey!  Cool!  I didn’t know who all had taught her or not, but yeah, I’m pretty certain she’s saved.  We’ll get to see her tomorrow, so kind of a follow-up, but I’m really praying for her family.  I heard we might see you soon, at least that’s the word on the street.  🙂 

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