Put It On My Tab

Well, it’s been a couple days since I posted on here.  I’ve had a pretty good week, but busy…pretty busy.  After the wonderful Monday evening birthday party, and then the realization that we are under surveillance by the other people on this street, Thursday was my typical day to go have lunch at Quixote.  It was nice, I had a lunch special, and they included squid (ika)…and it was as disgusting as you’d think it would be.  I tried to get them not to tell me what it was until after I took one bite, but they were so excited about trying to find the English word, I couldn’t stop them.  So I took a bite and couldn’t swallow it.  So I took a drink of some of the soup broth…but still couldn’t swallow it. Finally I was able to chew it and swallow, but oh, it was awful.  I’m just so glad that it was with the Quixote people…they were completely understanding about my not even wanting to try it.  As soon as I finished my bite, they grabbed the bowl with the rest of the ika and took it behind the counter, leaving me with the rest of my food to enjoy.  They are so sweet.  Here is a link to some pictures of my friends from there, and some others from Kokura too:


After my lunch, we gabbed for a little bit, discussing the Japanese word for nervous, and how, in the Kanji, the character for “God” is included…I still have to find out what that’s all about.  It’s actually one of two Kanji that make up the word for “nerve”…so I’m going to investigate that and try to find out the connection.  I had to go grocery shopping, so I took off for the store.  The crosswalk right next to Quixote takes forever to turn sometimes, and so I was standing there for a good 5 minutes before it changed over and I was able to cross and head over.  By the time I made it to the store, I realized that I walked out on my bill!  I could not believe! what I did!  I had to go get groceries though because I didn’t have the change to run back and pay my bill.  So, I went to to the store, bought my items, and hurried back, hoping to catch them before they closed for the afternoon….but I was too late.  There was nothing for me to do…I didn’t have any way to get in touch with them.  So, I went to Kawanaka to teach.  I would be able to catch the train back in time to run over to the restaurant before they closed for the night after dinner.  I booked it to the restaurant from the train station and Mitsui-san was just hanging out in the restaurant, watching a ball game on tv.  I gave him my money and apologized profusely.  He looked at me in disbelief, as if it didn’t even dawn on him that I didn’t pay for my food!  I was so embarrassed, but so grateful that it happened to someone who I have a good friendship with. 

  Oh, and just in case you have forgotten…this Saturday is my birthday.  Yeah…it’s going to be a great day!  More news soon!  🙂  Hasta!

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