June is here!

Today was just a beautiful day.  I got up early to take a shower, and by the time I looked out my window, I realized today would be spectacular.  It rained throughout the night, but by sunrise, all the evidence was gone.  I stepped outside and began walking to the train station, the sun gently kissing my face with warmth, and then the wind sweetly brushing my hair out of my face.  Wow…it feels like a great summer day…not too hot, not too cold.  Plus, I put on a moisturizer this morning that has sunscreen in it, and the smell accentuated the whole sense of summer coming!  It’s almost June!!!!!!!

  Well, actually, as it is 1:00AM here…it is already June…my favorite month!  Where everything is perfect….hehe.  Well, give or take a few things.  Today’s weather was beautiful, and as I walked back and forth from Kawanaka and the train stations, and then walked to Hikoshima to pick up a movie rental…I was tempted with the thought of thinking Japan is the most perfect place…weather-wise.  🙂  Don’t worry…don’t worry…in just a month from now, we will be in the midst of perpetual terrential downpour, and such pleasant thoughts will be furthest from my mind.  🙂

  I have been so pleased this week with what God has been doing.  So many of our Japanese friends have shown very vividly that they are searching for Jesus and want to know more.  I am thinking of Mika and Sonoko particularly.  Please keep these ladies in your thoughts and prayers.  They are special.  Mika is my student and Sonoko is Samantha’s.  We watched Chronicles of Narnia 1 with these two, Hiroka, and Sonoko’s husband.  It was great, and Sonoko and her husband were very interested in how the movie related to the Bible and Christianity. They are both very close and very open, so please pray that they will realize that this is the one thing missing for them and they need it desperately.  Thanks for your prayers.  Oh, Mika and I will be going to see Prince Caspian today, so pray that there will be opened doors for sharing more about Jesus with her…the real Jesus…not just the one she learned about in high school, who is more of a impotent god than the all-powerful, loving God. 

4 thoughts on “June is here!

  1. @justdosomething – Hey…yeah!  Well, I don’t know when exactly you will be getting here.  But from the middle of June to the end of July is the rainy season…and it rains cats and dogs pretty much 24/7…at least that’s what they’ve been telling me.  And then in August they have a bunch of festivals and such planned…but it’s supposed to be hot and humid (at least it is in Shimonoseki…I don’t know about the other parts).  Apparently, Osaka is already in its rainy season…it started early.  I’m just hoping it all holds off until after my birthday on the 14th.

  2. I didn’t know you lived in Japan! Coolness! I have some acquaintances over there who are in ministry and their descriptions of the hardness, yet curiosity, of the Japanese people matches yours. Kudos to you for living Jesus over there and have a great day/ night!

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