What a Farce!

Today, I went with Taka, after my classes, to see about getting a cell phone.  It’s the only thing that is keeping me from reeeeeally exploring my surroundings…the fear that I will get lost and will never be able to find my way back…unless I have a cell phone…then, I don’t know what I’ll do…maybe call someone who can help me and then have them talk to someone on the street who can tell them where I am.  Anywho, we went to the Softbank store to get the info about the phone, and much to my amazement, I see two very familiar faces on the wall, smiling and holding phones.  They are Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt.  Yes, endorsing a Japanese cell phone company.  You can imagine my surprise to see two, American actors, holding cell phones to their ears like they actually use Softbank.  I expressed my concern about the legitimacy of the company, to use American actors, who couldn’t possibly be serviced by the Japanese company, to endorse their phones.  He said, well, they are well known and were paid a lot of money.

This led me to wonder…do all the movie stars who “use” certain products in the States actually use those products?!  If American actors can really go overseas and pose for advertisements of foreign products and services that they have no access to in their own homes…what about the national products and advertisements?!  It threw open a part of my mind that had never been exposed, and now it is cold and harsh with the forces of nature…that actors would lie about actually using products just to make a profit.  Is Michael Jordan really a Hanes guy?  Does Cindy Crawford really drink Pepsi?  Or is she a Coke babe?  What about Queen Latifah…what if she isn’t a CoverGirl?

4 thoughts on “What a Farce!

  1. It is a frightning world out there!  No doubt about it.  More corrupt then we could have ever imagined.  Just remember that two wrongs to not make a right.  Don’t you start endorsing pickle flavored Pringles & not eat them.  Corryn

  2. @morriscn – of course not!  It’s Sour Cream & Onion for me all the way!  And you can take that all the way to Washington!  (Maybe not the best destination for a promise of truth…but hey, go with it)

  3. Thats funny… I guess that is what awaits me in Japan… pictures of Brad Pitt holding up Japanese cell phones. I agree though, it does make you think about all these advertisements here in the states too.

  4. hey! I totally know how you feel.. that was exactly my excuse when I got to SHIMO! yeah, I worked there last year for eight months.. Samantha took over for me!are you teaching? or just doing other things? man, I miss that place! actually, I am hoping to come visit the team for the July holiday. I wonder who will be there? hehe~at any rate.. I hope you’re having a GREAT time there.. say HI to the team for me ^^ God is doing amazing things for Shimonoseki, ne? bless you~

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