I don’t really have anything to say on my own account tonight.  I found a ladder leading up to the roof on the side of the building from our back patio.  So, I decided to climb up it to our roof.  It was great…here are some pictures:





Enjoy those.  Also, Taka, Samantha and I had dinner at Quixote restaurant.  Yoshio was very glad to see us.

I came home to find news of an earthquake in the southwest of China.  It was pretty massive, in case you haven’t heard.  I know some folks from that area, so I feel connected to it, also, I had worked just south of there when I was there a few years back.  The biggest thing that I can see prayer for are the 900-some middle school students who have been buried under their three-story school building.  Pray for their safety and recovery.  I’m just so sad about this.  China will always be dear in my heart…I’m thankful that it happened further away from the Three Gorges Dam, as if that had been damaged so many more would be in danger from flooding.  Also, with the Olympics coming up in Beijing, they will not likely withhold details of this disaster for fear of criticism, but also in hopes of encouraging sympathy.  Keep these people in your prayers.  Many are not likely Christians.  I don’t even know what else to say. 

2 thoughts on “Heartache

  1. hey–the earthquake was shocking, that’s for sure.  a friend and i were just talking about human frailty and how we are so susceptible to whatever is thrown at us in the way of natural disasters and just nature in general.  and i know how you must feel as i did an internship in uganda and they have recently had not only a ton of flooding, but an outbreak of the ebola virus as well…
    as for my story, i’ve wanted to be a missionary since i was about eight.  my eyes were opened as to what i could do with that when i was about sixteen–i was told that pretty much any job i could do in the us, i could do on the foreign field.  that year, a missionary pilot spoke at our church and i thought “well, that looks fun.”  the next year, a missionary airplane mechanic spoke at our church and because of that that missionary couple, i was introduced to and immersed in the world of missions aviation through the course of two weeks as i volunteered at their hangar.  i went to a Christian college and started the joint aviation program with the nearby community college.  there have definitely been bumps in the road and there are certainly more to come (my future is more unclear to me now than it has ever been), but i know that aviation is where God wants me–and missions has become more of a lifestyle that i take with me wherever i go, as i’m sure you understand.  (especially since the airport is at times lacking in Christian influence)
    about 2 years ago, i did an internship with missions aviation fellowship (maf) at their base in uganda (i was friends with a couple who were based there with them).  i fell in love with the country–i now know more about the past 40 years of uganda’s political history than i know of america’s (which is actually kind of pathetic…).  but after my family constantly reminded me, i realized that i need to not shut doors that God himself has not shut.  so even though i absolutely LOVE uganda, the people there, the culture, and even the food and climate; i could end up anywhere.  so long as i’m following God’s leading, i’ll be happy and content whereever i am.
    currently, i’m working on my commercial license and have no plans as concerning where i’ll be serving as a missionary.  out of habit, i’m aiming for uganda or s.sudan..

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