Tomorrow classes start.  I’m excited for this part of my service here to start…since it’s the bulk of what my job is!  Today was kind of chaotic.  I had my contract signing this morning in front of the church leadership.  I met Taka here at the Center and we rode the train over to Kawanaka.  We picked up where we had left off on my orientation, but soon were ushered in for my contract signing.  It was kind of intimidating to sit in front of the 6 membership of the board, and Pastor Tony.  It’s just intimidating because everything’s in Japanese and I can’t understand it yet.  So, Taka translated for me with them and that was helpful.  I didn’t know what to tell them about myself and Tony, in his dry humor way, said, “You’re not getting married!”  Hah.  They thought that was funny. 

Taka and I finished my orientation and then told me I’d be meeting Brian for a discussion on my classes and how to teach.  I didn’t have any idea this meeting was supposed to happen, so we called Brian to see if we could do it later.  It was alright, so I took the train back to the Center all by myself!  I was so excited!  Then, I found the int’l ATM…and then went grocery shopping.  It was at a new place, and Samantha walked me to it, and then left me to find my way back to the Center myself.  I did…but I kind of underestimated the distance and the weight of the bags I was carrying.  My arms were exhausted when I got back…since I had to walk the whole way.  BUT…I found my way back to the Center!!  Then, I took the train back to Kawanaka and got to the church for my meeting with Brian…but he never showed up.  Turned out he was sick…but we didn’t have any idea that was why he ditched me.  Hah.  Oh well.  Samantha and I had dinner with the Haug’s (Pastor Tony’s family), which was fun…even the morose game of UNO afterwards.  I should have brought Apples to Apples…they would get a kick out of that game.  Tony drove us back to the Center and now I’m here enjoying a can of Pringles.  I feel so proud of myself after taking the train all by myself and going grocery shopping all by myself.  It wasn’t that intimidating, not really.  Well, even though it’s not late, I’m going to go to bed.  I thought I’d read through “The Love Languages of God.”  I have heard so much about it, but have never read it for myself.  I hope I like it.  Have a great week guys!!

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