Shimonoseki Update – Japan #3

This is one of a series of emails I sent while preparing and living overseas in Japan, from April 2008 to April 2009.  They are mostly for my own benefit, but also for anyone who may care to read them.  Enjoy 🙂

Hey everyone! 

I figured that enough time had passed since my last update, so here you go!  Things are going great for my trip so far!  I am so excited to see how God is pulling things together for this!  I’ve been in regular correspondence with the team in Japan, and though things might not be going quite as quickly as we would like, nothing has really been a problem. 

My application for certificate of eligibility is still in process there in Shimonoseki.  I received an email today saying that it will probably take a total of one month (and we’re already in the fourth week).  The way the whole process will go is that I need the certificate of eligibility in order to apply for the visa.  Once Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church gets the CoE from the immigrations office there, they will int’l express it to me.  When I get it, I have to mail that, with my visa application and passport, up to Detroit to the Japanese embassy there.  The process could take 5 days once it’s there (we’re praying for a really quick turnaround).  Then it will come back to me with my passport stamped and I’ll be ready to go.  Because of this process, I haven’t bought my plane ticket yet.  Even though is seems like there must be a problem, there really isn’t.  Everything is going just as long as the government says it should.  We’re just hoping there are no more delays than already expressed.  So, as of now, my departure date is March 31st.  I’m glad that I’ll be able to spend some more time with my family and friends before I leave.  This alleviates some of the pain of going away for a year (which has come about so suddenly). 

Speaking of friends and family – I am so blessed with such a support group!  You all included, I am truly grateful to all the love and encouragement that I have received.  I’m glad that I get to take you all with me in spirit to spend the next year telling people about this amazing Person in my life – Jesus.  He has done some incredible things in my life, and is continuing to do them to show me how real He is, and how much He loves me – and His heart for the nations.

This is manifested in the financial support that has been coming in – I believe that I am almost there!  This is just one more confirmation for me that going to Japan is exactly where God wants me to be for the next year.  Three churches have really brought this about, and allowed God to use them – ******** Baptist, ***** Chapel, and my own church, ******First Baptist.  I feel like I’ve cheated some at the whole fundraising thing because I haven’t had to do much.  It truly is God-driven. 

That’s all the news I can think of right now.  I have emailed the girl, Samantha, who I will be working with until August, and I think we’re going to get along great!  She seems to have a lot of the same quirks that I have.  🙂  For good or bad!  Thanks for your continued support!

In Him,
Sarah ><>

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