Prayer Request – Urgent

On a day when circumstances could really get me down, God allows a warm wind to blow through the region, and the presence of cloud shadows calm me and remind me of God’s everpresent love and concern.  Even though rain is just around the corner…the fact that I can walk outside without a sweater or jacket, and let the wind blow in my hair, and sit at the airport on the trunk of my car (though it’s windy enough that not many planes will be flying), and open the windows in the house, and sit on the hill at Harbin, all if I wanted to…it makes me feel so much better.  (I probably have Seasonal Affective Disorder…but who doesn’t!?).  Here’s the purpose of my post:

  I just wanted to pass the word along and ask for prayer for my uncle Tom.  He and his family live in Alabama.  Back in December he had surgery to remove a tumor (sarcoma), and it was a very involved procedure, as it was spreading rapidly, they had to remove part of his aorta (by the spine) and a kidney, and something else that I’m not remembering exactly.  He was doing great for several weeks, but developed a fever a few days ago.  He was on his way to Houston to have some tests done and about 20 minutes before landing, he started shaking all over.  They took him to the hotel to rest and then had to take him to the Emergency Room.  Right now, he is in ICU in pretty poor condition.  He has low vitamin levels, and the remaining kidney is having trouble.  They believe his body is rejecting the graft they did for his aorta.  Please, please, please keep him and his family in prayer.  This is really hard on all of us, that they are going through this.  One of the best men I know.  Thank you. 

Also, my paperwork for my Certificate of Eligibility have been filed with the Japanese Customs office in Shimonseki…we’re waiting on that to be processed, and then I’ll get my papers back and can send off for my visa into the country from Detroit.  Keep the whole process in your prayers…my EDD is still March 24th.  It’s comin’ fast!

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