A Day in the Life…

So, I had the day off today!  Yippee!  Attempted to sleep in until 11ish…to no avail.  I awoke sharply at 8:45a…got a phone call that I needed to get my teeth cleaned.  Usually when I schedule a cleaning it, they take about a month to get me in.  I played my, “I’m leaving the country in a month” card, and they got me in for next Monday morning!  Yippee again!  I actually like my dentist.  He’s cool.  Dr. Hoban.  He has an animated tooth for his advertisement. 

Then I had to go to the doctor to check on my immunization record and whatnot.  Let me tell you…Dr Stubbers can talk!  I could hardly get a word in edgewise.  I’ve never seen him before, so it was a otally new experience.  He didn’t believe me when I stated that I had a joint disorder…so he tested me himself.  After pushing and pulling my bones in all the strange directions they go (which was disgusting to watch…), he decided I knew what I was talking about.  Then he stated that I was all up-to-date on my immunizations and the only thing for me was to be tested for TB.  So, they put the little bubble under my skin…which freaks me out every time…and I have to go back on Thursday.  As I stood at the little window to set up everything else I might have needed…a man in the lobby felt the urge to vomit in a garbage can, much to my chagrin…and everyone else present.  After shaking off that disturbance, I was able to leave still with the bubble on my arm.  I’ve recovered, no worries.

  Many domestic activities waited for me at home.  But let me first relate that I finished Pride & Prejudice (for the 4th time), and will now begin on “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell.  I loved the movie…I’m hoping the same goes for the book.  Also, my grandmother made it out of surgery in great shape.  She had hip-replacement surgery today…and as I was thinking about it on the way to the doctor’s office, I almost drove off the street from feeling queasy and weak.  I do not do well with bodily fluids, or injuries, or surgeries.

  Which reminds me that I had to perform surgery on one of my bamboo plants, Sophocles.  He had gotten several inches tall…probably close to two feet, and then the main stalk turned yellow and died…yet, most of the leaves were still green, so I had to cut the branch from the stalk and I’m hoping that it will keep growing.  I moved it from the larger pot where it was with Gamaliel to the smaller one with Euripedes.  Let’s hope for success!  When I bring Homer home from the bank, I’m going to put him in with Gamaliel and hope for the best there too.  Homer’s never been removed from his pot, so this should be interesting.  He doesn’t do well anywhere else than at a bank either.  My little money tree.  I’ll put a pic on here of him, but in the meantime, rest easy with this one of the boys:


Gamaliel is in the blue pot.  Euripedes is the curly one, and Sophocles Jr. is the straight one in the white pot.  Those are my babies, since Mom won’t let me have a pet here…not even hermit crabs…but one day, I will.  I will have a hermit crab!  And name it Squirt.  Just see if I don’t. 

Have a great day!

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