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  I wanted to get this information out for a prayer request for me.  I could really use y’all praying with me on this one.  I was put in touch with a job opportunity to teach English in southwest Japan for a year.  The biggest “issue” with this position is that I would have to know in the next month if I’m going to do it and then leave at the beginning of April.  Here’s the information on it that I have so far:

URGENT–English Teacher Needed Immediately.  We just found out this week that our replacement teacher who was scheduled to arrive this March will not be able to join us until at least this summer.  This has put us on RED ALERT for a teacher.  This means about 50 of our students will be without a teacher in two months.  We know that God isn’t suprised by the change of schedule, so we ask you to join us in praying that He connect us with just the right person by the end of this month.  Also, please see if you can have this announced at your church or school and share this information with any single ladies that you know:
Position: English-teaching missionary
Contract: one year contact starting from April 2008.
Requirements: Single lady, a highly-recommended, mature Christian, involved in her local church whom would be willing to sponsor her and provide her with prayer and some financial support (see “Needed:” section below), teaching experience of both children and adults, a love for people of other cultures (a missions heart).
Benefits: 100,000 yen monthly salary (exception: August summer vacation; however, part-time private lessons are a possibility), two weeks paid vacation, two days off each week, low cost (46,500 yen per month) dorm room in church building where classes are held, assistance in acquiring visa.
Needed: 50 praying friends, roundtrip airplane ticket (approx. US$1400) and health insurance with international coverage.
CLICK HERE for more information at the ministry website
The salary is equivalent to about $950 USD.  But the money’s not important.  I am excited about the opportunity, but a little nervous about the time constraint.  Thanks a bunch for your prayers!
In Him,
Sarah ><>

2 thoughts on “Job Opp – Prayer Request

  1. wow, that would be exciting!  I have a friend who is a missionary in Japan…he is on Facebook.  I could put you in touch with him there if you are interested and if you have an account there….

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