What is the one thing that you’ll never do in life? Why?

Let’s see.  I could name any number of things that I hope I would never do in life…but I know that I am only human.  I could say that I would never have an affair on my spouse…or with someone else’s spouse.  Given my family history…that would be something predictable to say…BUT…can I really truly say that I would never do what I haven’t been challenged with?  I think we are all capable of the most base and tragic crimes.  Aren’t we?

I could say I’d never lie…but I know that hasn’t been true.  I could say that I’d never steal…but given an occurrence where I am thrown into abject poverty…would I steal, given the option?  If I were living on the street…could I ever be driven to the state of necessity as to steal food?  What if I had children who were starving? 

The point is…there are some things that you just can never tell your actions until you are actually in that situation.  You can pray for the grace to resist temptation, mercy to supply needs, strength to take the road less travelled…but can you really know what that decision will be from you?

I think the one thing that I can confidently say that I will never do in this life is, I will never be able to love God as much as I should.  My heart is still too attached to the world, still sitting in this dank, dark, and seething mess of a world to be truly able to cut those ropes holding it down, keeping it from completely being free in Christ.  That is what I will never be able to do in this life…but…in the next?  Well, that’s another story.  🙂  And praise God for that next chapter!

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