Poem: Cowboys & Injuns

Dec 29th, 2007

This hobby-horse is about to break.
Yea, the wood is cracked, abrasive, even warped
From riding too long.
I’ve got a cowboy hat on
With the elastic string nearly digging into my neck.
It’s a great game, though –
Hopping on the horse,
Ole Dusty Star,
Faithful friend.
“Where to today, my friend?”
I don’t know, let’s just ride.
Off we go into the sunset –
That never grows larger, or closer.
Phew! I’m tired of riding and getting nowhere.
So, I hop off the horse and mosey to the shade of a tree,
Settling down into its coolness
And tip my hat over my eyes.
I take a rest, a cat nap.
When I awaken, I find in the dark,
I’ve lost my horse, stranded at my starting place,
He’s gone off for other pastures.  Oh well.
I’ll just stop by the store and pick up another.
This time I’ll name it Ginger Root.

Sarah ><>

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