The Play’s the Thing…

So Lakota schools caved and are not going to be performing Ten Little Indians because its name was changed from Ten Little Niggers.  The NAACP threw a cow about this and said that it wasn’t appropriate for high school students.  This, to me, is ridiculous.  If we can discuss the war in Iraq in high schools, they should be allowed to perform this brilliant play by Agatha Christie.  If you don’t know the plot-line, the story goes that 10 wealthy individuals were all invited to an island resort for a weekend.  They get there and one by one the attendees are murdered off, “…until there was one.”  I went to see this with my mom and sisters at Playhouse in the Park.  It was really, really great, with alternate endings and everything.  I’m just annoyed that people are so touchy and offended at the slightest thing.  I wonder if the guy even read the book or not.  Agatha even changed the name so early on, everyone I spoke to has had no idea that there was even another title.  The play itself has nothing racist in it at all.  Having changed the title lost nothing of the thrust for the plot and has proven inconsequential.    Ok, I’m off my soapbox…but come talk to me in an hour…I might have a second wind.

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