PA Road Trip!! – Latrobe (Pitts), Scranton, and Philly

Heck YES!!!!   In one week, Lans and I will be embarking on our second annual road trip!  And we’re going on a Pennsylvania tour!

Here’s some highlights of our trip for you to salivate over:

We’re first going to stop off at my grandparent’s home in Latrobe, PA, just southeast of Pittsburgh (ahh…Steelers…how I miss thee).  Black and Gold!  All the way!  Ok…just some information…Mr. Rogers was lived in Latrobe, and donated a bunch of money for a children’s park in the city.  The Steelers also have their training camp near there.  🙂

During this time, we will be attending a tiny Evangelical Methodist church, Super Panda (Chinese buffet), and visit with my grandparents, uncle, and hopefully my cousin Rachel.  It will be fun and relaxing…before our few days of bliss…which will include:

We’ll travel out to Schuylkill Haven, PA (The Little Town that Could), to lodge at a friend of the family’s home.  We’ll be visiting Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, then shooting up to Scranton, PA.  Here we will check out Steamtown National Historical Site, and have dinner at Farley’s Eatery and Pub.  Yes, Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) has visited there, and they have a “Michael ScottBurger.  A couple weeks after we’re there, they are having a “The Office” convention…so, I’m sure we’ll see lots of cool things about the show in preparation for the event.

From there, we will go to visit Philadelphia!!!!   We are planning to visit the Philly Museum of Art and run up the stairs (of course).  Then, we’re going to the Italian Market in South Philly (ah…familia!)  After that, we’re going to see Old City…etc.  We’re also going to go on a haunted tour through the mile called the “Spirits of ’76.” 

I know, I know!  You’re so jealous!  Go ahead, shake our hands the next time you see us.  🙂

As a parting grace, let me sing to you the state song:

Pennsylvania, my native state
To you we pledge our devotion.
Pennsylvania, our loyalty
Is steady as the ocean.

Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Strong and true (2-3-4)
Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Here’s our song to you

There is beauty in your mountains
There is peace upon your hills
And where e’er I roam
My only home is
Pennsylvania! (trumpets)

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