Ruth Bell Graham – In Poetry

Test Me

Test me, Lord, and give me strength
to meet each test
unflinching, unafraid;
not striving nervously to do my best,
not self-assured, or careless
as in jest,
but with Your aid.
Purge me, Lord, and give me grace to
bear the heat
of cleansing flame;
not bitter at my lowly lot, but mete
to bear my share of suffering
and keep sweet,
in Jesus’ name.

 – Ruth Bell Graham –


Never let it end, God
never – please –
all this growing loveliness,
all of these
brief moments of
fresh pleasure –
never let it end.
Let us always
be a little breathless
at love’s beauty;
never let us
pause to reason
from a sense of duty.

 – Ruth Bell Graham –

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