Poem: Cold Winter 6

February 17th, 2007

The dark engulfs me and the trees surrounding.
The moon is bright behind the branches
Causing the limbs to look other-worldly
Refracting through the ice encased around them.
Oh I’m warm in my little car,
But cold is lurking outside,
Wishing to take me aside and introduce me
To this Martian foliage of glass and light.
But I know if we become acquainted
It would spell certain death to me.
Yes, to know these beasts, to be intimate!
I can’t even imagine.
Such a look of wonder presides on my face
As I stare out the window at the trees.
Can they be real? Or,
Maybe they are in my mind,
With their vibrant illumination.
Hmm, I cannot tell.
They must be real, but I’m sure they would
Break if I stare much longer.

 – Sarah ><>

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