Poem: Outburst

Hey everyone!  Here’s another poem for your enjoyment.  I wrote this poem in response to an overwhelming feeling that I needed to do something creative.  I love artistic endeavors, whether it’s singing, playing my piano or violin, or painting some furniture and wooden pieces, or writing a poem.  I didn’t actually have anything in mind to do, I just wanted to DO something…and so came this poem.  Enjoy it!

PS.  The phrase “Make love to the media” isn’t provocative…it’s meant to show an indulgence in romance which comes from the different forms of media (pen, paper, paint, music, etc).

June 23rd, 2006

I feel artsy!
Where’s my pen? My pad?
My easel? My paintbrush?
My violin’s tuned and my fingers ready,
Come muse of my muses,
Let’s get with the music!
This canvas is blank and itching for color
A picture is forming,
A dance of brushes!
My pen is brand new to be broken in
With words after words
Making sweet movement.
Come with me and enjoy imagination
Artistic expression
Make love to the media.
It soon will be over
So come quick,
Come now!

Sarah ><>

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