Poem: For Achilles; the Restless Warrior

Well, one voice was enough to encourage me to keep going with this.  After watching the movie Troy, I was struck with the life presented by Achilles.  What I saw was a man who was lost…who was placing all of his faith in his own strength and abilities.  This kind of a life is empty, and by the end of the movie, he realized it, striving to put his hope into something bigger than himself…love, in this case.  But, it reminded me of the many people in this world who decide to rely on their own strength and not in something greater…the greatest thing being God Himself…their creator.  Yea, Achilles is a character in Greek mythology, but the only reason mythology has such a distinction is because it is based, to a point, on human life, and the dynamics of relationships and living.  The only reason the gods and supernatural are included is because man innately recognizes that there has to be a greater force out there beyond his own existence.  It’s misdirected, to be sure, but still, a demonstration that eternity is written on the hearts of man.

The mechanics of this poem are based on the use of questions.  These questions reflect the uncertainty in Achilles’ life.

November 15, 2004

What kind of peace could I have?
My life is spent at the edge of my sword
Sweat on my brow
Blood is mingled with their tears

What is this that lies behind their eyes?
A pleading that is wearing at my soul
Is this man a father?
Are his children left behind?

Could I ever know this kind of love?
They fight for glory and passion
They believe in this
Longing to have what brings them joy

What could ever bring me joy?
Will this sword and legend comfort me
When my hair is gray
Or when my head is heavy on my pillow?

Why can’t I find my peace?
It is clouded by the mist from the waves
Should my feet drudge to find it,
My soul shall find its rest.

 – Sarah ><>

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