Poem: Hallelujah / How Could It Be?

I couldn’t settle on a title for this poem…so, I just used both.  I wrote this just following my return from an amazing trip…where God showed me so much of myself and the world, and a void that was out there.  I think this could be a song, but right now it’s just a poem, b/c I lack talent in lyric-making.  Enjoy!

The structure of the first stanza is imagery through the feel of the words.  It feels like a river going over rapids.  To get this effect, utilize the fact that there are no punctuation marks.  So, just read straight through the lines, one after another without any pause between them.  The second and third stanzas have a completely different rhythm and are more songlike.  Read them as thus.  Thanks!

Hallelujah / How Could It Be?

August 29th, 2004

Stepping on new ground
The wind at my back
A call from ahead
My heart’s yearning to listen
Drinking the water of
Life overflowing with
Joy and a peace and a love
That is growing
Deep in my soul
Deep in my mind where the
Darkness subsides and the
Light’s getting brighter

Your righteousness calls
And moves my heart to obey
How could it be?
How could this blessing be?

Your calling is clear
Though the future is cloudy at best
How could it be?
How could You be guiding me?

 – Sarah ><>

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