Poem: Little Lightning Bug

This is another one of my children’s poems.  I love lightning bugs, and they usually start coming out in June (which is another reason it is my favorite month).  This poem is just my tribute to them.  The rhyme scheme is: abccb adccd etc.  Enjoy!

June 16th, 2004

Hello there, little lightning bug
Can you help me find my home?
I’ve lost the way
Through fields of gray
Looking at this bright blue dome

Don’t be frightened, little lightning bug
I don’t mean you any harm
I meant to say
I’d like to play
For this night is very warm

What’s that? Little lightning bug
Are you glad you found a friend?
Just for today
In my hands you’ll stay
I’m afraid the light should end

Can this be, little lightning bug?
We’ve found my home at last
The moon lit the way
I’ll be back to say
Goodnight when the night has past

Sarah ><>

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