Poem: My Son I Send You

This poem….I don’t know how to describe it.  I was going to a real earthy kind of feel with it.  The lines of repeating words are to feel like echoes…emphasizing the verbs in the previous lines.  It’s from God’s perspective to us.  I hope you like it:

My Son I Send You

May 31st, 2004

I’m calling for you
Calling, calling
Longing for you
Longing, longing

My love I send you
Sending, sending
Your heart, I’ll mend you
Mending, mending

I dread what ends you
Dreading, dreading
I’ll tread this for you
Treading, treading

My Son I send you
Sending, sending
My child, I love you
Loving, loving

 – Sarah ><>

One thought on “Poem: My Son I Send You

  1. Great poem!  Thanks for the reminder that God sent His only Son because He wants to bring us back to Him.  He wants His glory to be made known to all the nations.  Praise God He has chosen us to be heirs with Christ!  God Bless!

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