Ohio is for Tree Lovers

This site is pretty much amazing!  You should totally check it out.


Here’s how it works:

Go to the site, click on “Yes! I want my tree to be planted in Ohio!” and it will run you through the steps.  You have to put your email address in, but it’s only to track that everyone’s getting a chance to plant a tree.  It’s run by Odwalla and your tree can be planted in any state of the US!  Now…at this time, Michigan (MICHIGAN!! ugh!) is in first place with almost 19,000 trees!  Texas is after it with 11,000+ and Pennsylvania (woot!) has just over 9,000.  Ohio is way down there with 573 trees. 😦  Sheesh!  We can do better than that. 

Below is a blurb about our lovely Ohio state parks:


Ohio is not just the home of several American presidents. It also is the home of many state parks that lead the nation in beauty and boundless opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Ohio’s State Parks − Big on Adventure

Ohio isn’t a large state − but its state parks are big on amenities and adventure. Maybe you’re interested in spotting bald eagles or wild turkey, or snagging a black bass or bluegill.

Interested in trail biking? 30 Ohio state parks offer more than 257 miles of biking trails. Interested in snorkeling or scuba diving? Yes, you can do that in Ohio − at some 30 state park lakes!

Whether your goal is to go camping under the stars or to go hiking alongside a scenic lake, Ohio has a state park for you!

This overview is an excerpt from the ParkVisitor.com website. Read more at http://www.parkvisitor.com


Sigh – I love Ohio. 🙂