Getting Married: 14 Weeks – Registries

This week has been pretty intensive with working on the invitations, but Matt and I did manage to make it over to Target and put the finishing touches on our registry there. We had started it about a month ago, going through kitchenware and other household items, but this visit, we registered for our bedding and bathroom things. I’m so excited! I wish I had taken a picture of the cute shower curtain and matching rug we picked for the bathroom. They don’t have a picture online of it either, so you’ll just have to go see it for yourself. 🙂

We also registered for our plates through JCPenney. I fell in love with Fiestaware and, although, they can be a little heavy,  the colors are vibrant and that’s what I wanted for our kitchen. So, the night we came home from Target, I got a message from Matt saying that his mom had gone on our registry on JCPenney and there was a problem. All the dishes (the only thing we had actually registered for with JCP) were showing as unavailable. I was so confused because when I brought up the actual website, it showed all the dishes and colors right there as available. So, I called the Customer Service line and they were unable to give me an answer. When I finally got ahold of Gift Service, I was told that the product numbers of the Fiestaware had been changed. Rather than update it themselves, I had to go in and replace every item on that registry with the new product number. Thankfully, there weren’t that many, but it was an inconvenience. Also, there was the fact that we had also put our registry info right on our already printed invitations.

After that was finished, though, we were all done and ready to go! So here’s the info for you:

week 14 target.
You can find our registry on Target here.


.week 14 jcpenney

Here is the link for our registry for our dishes at JCPenney.



week 14 menards.

Matt and I look forward to taking care of our house and the garden and land around it. So, we registered at Menards too!



Today, mom and I are lugging up a bunch of my stuff to The House. This will be her first time to see the place. Let’s hope it meets with approval.

What’s that I hear at the door? Oh, it’s the mailman! And he’s got a package for me!

*runs to the door*

Yay! Our unity candle set just arrived and check out this sweet note with it!

week 14 tea lights

Etsy is such a neat community of artists and people. I will have to do a post-wedding post of all the wonderful Etsy vendors we used. They are fabulous!


I’m getting married to my, you guessed it, best friend on June 1st, 2013! Matt and I are super-excited and since we have quite a bit of time to plan this thing, I decided it’d be fun to blog about it. Well, maybe not always fun, but at least informative and it might give me a welcome distraction. You can find all the posts by clicking the “Getting Married” tab on the right of this page, or by clicking here. Thanks for stopping by!

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