Who was your first crush?

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but here’s the copy:

My first crush was a boy in my Sunday School class.  We were no more than 4 years old…probably 3.  Of course, I was the pastor’s youngest daughter…so everything was totally in my favor of him liking me back.  I couldn’t pronounce his name.  His last name was Schmidt.  So Mom told me to say, “Shhhh Mitt”.  After that I thought his middle name was Shhh…  Now you might say that 4 yrs old, that’s silly to think you had a crush at that young of an age.  But I still remember him…not just because mom and the fam talk about it…but I really have memories.  His family moved up to Canton, Ohio and that ended our relationship.  He had a party for all his friends before they left and I remember standing in a circle playing hot potato.  We would save each other seats in Sunday School and hold hands when we walked through the church.  We were precious…if I do say so myself. šŸ™‚  Oh, I also remember the shock when I told a friend that my first boyfriend had moved to Canton and they said, “Well, Sarah…Canton’s in China!”  I ran to tell my mom crying and no matter how much she assured me that they had moved to another city in Ohio, I was certain that they were now living in China.  This probably explains why I was so reluctant to go to China in the first place when the opportunity came up.  I think that I convinced myself for several years that I had lost my first love to China.  So funny!  šŸ™‚


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