What is the worst movie you have ever watched and why?

In the Name of the King – 2008

DO NOT GO SEE THIS IF YOU HAVE HALF A BRAIN…or even a quarter of one. Seriously…the worst movie of the year. It’s like an 80’s-class movie that missed the decade. Picture the Scorpion King with every one of Vin Diesel’s serious movies…mixed with B Lord of the Rings…maybe the Labyrinth, minus David Bowie…and you’ve got ITNOTK.

And the trump is: Burt Reynolds…as the king…in a sword fight.

Need I say more?

So, I repeat…the only movie worse than this was probably Black Snake Moan or Snakes on a Plane…

although the preview for LOST in the opening was good.

Do NOT see In the Name of the King…do not. Thank you.


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