Getting Married: 39 Weeks – The Dress

Preface: The dresses you are about to witness are not, I repeat, are not THE dress that was purchased for the wedding. No spoilers here!

Yes, that is what I did today: shopped for my wedding dress. Let me preface that I have not really ever spent my time daydreaming what I would wear for my wedding one day. I admit that about a month before Matt proposed, I thought that I should probably get an idea of what kind of gown I should like. I may have perused some magazines or photos before, but nothing in earnest. I’m also not one for shopping and especially not for clothes shopping.

So, after we got engaged I really began to look through the various options out there. Wedding dresses are so expensive! The one we finally settled on (we, being my mother and I) was a bit more than I had anticipated spending, but it looks amazing and Mom insisted. 🙂

I called about a month and a half ago to set up my appointment with David’s Bridal and then began favoriting some of the dresses I really liked. There was one in particular that I absolutely loved from the picture, but I added a few others that I thought might be nice. I don’t have a problem with pure white dresses, I just think they sometimes look bluish in certain lights, so I was hoping for an ivory or an off-white. David’s Bridal seems to only have white or ivory…with some pink *cringe* dresses too.

I called on Tuesday to confirm my appointment. Much to my shock, I wasn’t anywhere on the calendar. :/ The woman apologized profusely and got all my information again, guaranteeing that I would have a consultant to work with and accommodations for the 10 people who were hoping to come with me.

You read that right, I had an entourage. My mom and two sisters were there, as were my two nieces who are my junior bridesmaids. My matron of honor and other bridesmaid also came to watch and throw in their oars (much, much appreciated!). We would have had a couple others with us, but there were unforeseen events which prevented their participation. They were missed. 🙂

I knew she’d be good because of how cute her skirt was.

When we arrived, I checked in with the woman at a desk in the front of the store. There was a lot of activity going on, but when I filled out the contact information sheet, I found that they already had my favorites printed out so they could grab them quickly! I was so impressed!

My consultant was cute and fun Kelcie who really helped keep things going and was great on advice and finding other gowns to try which I may not have known about.

Did I mention that I love her skirt? Amy, Lanna and I drooled over it for a little bit.

I didn’t try on a ton of dresses, but I knew I wanted to save the “absolutely love” dress for last. I was thinking that I might fall in love with one of the others before trying that one on…it came real close to happening, but nope…I really did save the best for last.

So pretty…love beadwork and lace 🙂

The train was gorgeous on this one and would have cost as much as the dress to alter, probably.

They even got me to try on some headgear – this is one part of the dress fashion that I’m clueless on…however, I think we could probably rule out this option:

I’m not a huge fan of veils (for myself) and they really don’t work well with the chosen dress, but I liked how this picture turned out:

Look! I’m wearing a tiara! Eeek…

I was so nervous that the dress I loved wouldn’t look as good on me as it did in the picture. That fear was soon dispelled. I had to tell Mom to turn away a couple times because she was getting all teary-eyed.

Mom wants me to tell you that it was actually her sinuses that were bothering her…you can believe whatever you like. 🙂

I threw Kelcie for a loop when I asked her to find a couple of the most hideous dresses for me to try on and get a picture with. Rest assured that neither of these are the dress.

This actually didn’t look too bad once it was on, but apparently Kelcie hates it. I think Amy and Lanna wanted it by the time I took it off. It had soooooo much going on!

“Hmmm…what if we take a monstrously huge ribbon and wrap it all around squiggle-like? Perfect!” Oh, and I have a green light coming from my belly…

I am so excited to have both of these ladies in my wedding. They are so special to me…yes they might be super-prego balloons by the time it gets here, but I still love them!


Me and my gals!

Can’t wait for you to see the dress in all its glory!



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