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I’ve decided to post some of the newsletters I wrote while I was in Japan.  I’m doing this for a two-fold reason.  One, I have been asked by several people recently about my experiences in Japan and, frankly, my memory has become rather rose-colored and hazy.  I want to give a true account and what better way than to share what I wrote, often, the very week of things happening.  Two, I’m afraid that I may, at some point, lose those emails in my inbox.  I don’t want to lose that at all, so this will be a great way for me to keep the memories written down.  And, I guess, there’s a third reason:  I’ve been feeling stagnant and ungrateful to God.  I don’t want to feel this way…I need to be energized and sometimes the best way to do that is to go over what God has done in your past.  So, here you go…I’m not sure if they will come over on Facebook/Twitter much, but I will be posting them for the dates when they were sent out an under their own category, I believe I’ll use “Shimonoseki ’08” (since God may send me back at some point.  Always thinking ahead! lol)

I don’t have many who subscribe to this blog to their emails, so hopefully it won’t overwhelm anyone.  Enjoy!

Catch Up

Hey everyone!  I recently went to three new and yummy restaurants/venues.  So, at some point soon, I will get my blog caught up with a few reviews for y’all. 

Also, I will be on “stay-cation” next week and I’m so looking forward to that.  I’m going to check out some places around town (and a little beyond) that I’ve been longing to get to.  So, yeah, stay tuned!

Pumpkin Recipes

When I was in Japan, one thing I fell in love with is eating pumpkin.  Not pumpkin pie, not pumpkin cookies, not even pumpkin bread.  While I brought to them the joy of baked pumpkin seeds, they brought a delight of eating pumpkin slices, usually sweetened and steamed.  My mouth-waters just thinking about it.  I think it’s terrible that we don’t regularly eat more of the pumpkin, but gut it, cut holes in it, and shove a candle down the center of it – and this, only once a year.

I didn’t know that the pumpkin was edible until I went half-way around the world.  America…this is not acceptable!

So, I started a blog just for pumpkin recipes.  Yes, I will have dessert recipes on there, but I’m excited to hunt for recipes that are for side-dishes, pasta, and more!  Check it out here:

I don’t have much on there right now, but don’t worry, more will come!

Also, if you have any recipes, please feel free to shoot them over to me.  Thanks!

Japanese Earthquake Mar ’11

It’s unreal to think of what has happened in the northeast Japan.  I never got that far north when I lived there, but I did go through Tokyo for a few days around Christmas/New Year’s.  The earthquake has devastated the northeast.  I spent most of my time in the west, so the areas I lived in and became familiar with didn’t even feel the tremors.  I can’t really even express what I’ve been feeling and thinking for the people of Japan.  It’s strange to think of their clean and organized cities being in disarray and disaster.

In church, we sang “Draw Me Close to You” by the Katinas.  I loved that song before going to Japan, but we also sang it there in Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church – in Japanese, of course.  Whenever I hear it, I feel a swell in my heart for the people in that congregation.  (I have the same thing happen with “Amazing Love” and some friends in CN.)

I can just imagine God, in heaven, drawing close to the people of Japan and waiting for them to come the rest of the way.  Less than 1% of the Japanese are Christians and many of them live in the East.  Please be in prayer for the people of Japan – that God would use this tragedy as an opportunity to draw them close to Him, to make them aware of who He is and what He can be for their life.  Before it’s too late.


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking, but have had to take an involuntary step back from the blog. Boo!  I know.  Well, maybe I’m the only one disappointed about this.  The reason?  I woke up on Saturday morning to a strange sound coming from my computer (we have a monster of a desk-top called the XPS…it’s ridiculously big, which would make you think it would be ridiculously amazing. Alas, it is not.) and when I restarted it, the noise continued and nothing else.  I was depressed, but glad to have my phone and the Australian Open (woo! go Djokovic!) to keep me company on TV.  I’ve also done quite a bit of exercising, and read through two books in lightning speed.  I’m also going to try out doing some crewel embroidery.  So, there you have it.  The big guy’s at the shop right now, probably to stay and be chopped up into whatever valuable parts may be there (hopefully giving me enough to buy a laptop!) Yes! I will come into the 21st Century!!  Until then, I still check my Facebook pretty regularly and, of course, there’s Twitter!  Until then, hasta!

Sarah ><>

Luke Bucklin and Sons Update

On Tuesday, November 2nd, a search and rescue team found the wreckage of the plane Luke Bucklin and his three sons (14, 14, 12) were flying.  There were no survivors of the crash.  Please pray for the wife/mother and three younger siblings left behind after this terrible accident.

As before, you can keep up with the family by going to their blog:

Luke and Ginger | Six kids, four cars, two houses, and a few crustaceans.