Poem: Nighttime

I love the night, the feel of it…being outside…I love dusk.  I love the stars and lightning bugs.  So here’s a poem that brings all of those elements together.  It was published by the National Poet’s Society…but, please, don’t let that impress you…they’d publish the result of a child pounding their fists on a keyboard…honestly…someone tried it.  It worked.  🙂



Have you ever tried to chase the moon?
As its soft yellow crescent rocks down to the horizon?

While the stars dance around it
and drip light through the seas that darken its surface.

Have you seen it grow as it dips beneath the skyline and peeks through the trees
that toss it back and forth,
and forth and back?

What wonderful magic the dark sky plays on the watchful eyes of a child,
sitting and connecting the stars into heroes and villains and damsels.

While grass collects the dew between his fingers and
sticks to the toes of a girl
as she chases the lightning bugs that bring the stars so much closer to us.

 – Sarah ><>