Anti-Slavery Merchandise

These are some vendors that I’ve found that make a business of selling products to help rescue those who have been rescued from slavery all around the world.  Human Trafficking, modern-day slavery, is the 2nd largest illegal industry in the world and it is also the fastest growing.  There are more slaves today than ever were during the Civil War time.  Victims of human trafficking are exploited by force, fraud, or coercion into labor or sex slavery.  Living in Cincinnati, OH, I used to take pride in the history and reputation that the Ohio River Valley had in the fight against slavery, only to find out that it is not a city without trafficking.  Children, women, men, are trafficked out, in, and through our area under the visibility of our eyes that we willingly close.  I am not going to sit silent.  Please check out these businesses/organizations and consider giving your business.  Great for Christmas and birthdays, I’ve even seen wedding gifts for bridesmaids!  Thanks for your time!

Follow my Pinterest board, For Freedom, to find great products specifically either made by victims of human trafficking or for the benefit of their survival!




Sari Bari is a safe home where women, who have been exploited in the sex trade, can have their dignity restored and experience new life in the making.  Each of the products made from the Indian sari is marked with a woman’s name, a woman who now has the opportunity to make a choice for freedom and new life.
(Thanks Kim for telling me about this!)




Freeset exists specifically to provide freedom for women from the sex trade, women who were forced into prostitution by trafficking or poverty. These women didn’t choose their profession — it was chosen for them.

Now, they’re being offered a real choice. When they choose to work at Freeset, they can start new lives, regain dignity in their communities, and begin a journey towards healing and wholeness.



I’ll be adding more later 🙂

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